Private Suite:
$40/night, $70/night for 2 dogs, $10/night for each additional dog in the same family

V.I.P. Suite:
$50/night, $80/night for 2 dogs, $10/night for each additional dog in the same family

House food:
$4/day per dog

Please note:

The boarding rate is per 24 hours, whatever time you drop off is your check out time rate wise.  We do give a 4 hour grace period, after that there is an additional daycare charge of $28.  (For example: If you drop off at 8am and pick up by noon the following day that is one night of boarding, but if you pick up after noon it will be a night of boarding plus a day of daycare since that is what you dog participated in that day.)

There is a $5 per dog per day surcharge on holiday eves and holidays for the following: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Extended stay discounts: 12 nights or more = 10% off, 21 nights or more = 15% off.


$48/ for 2 dogs
$60 for 3 dogs in the same family

$240 for 10 day ($40 savings)
$440 for 2 dogs ($40 savings)
$510 for 3 dogs ($90 savings)

$460 for 20 day   ($100 savings)
$840 for 2 dogs   ($120 savings)
$1020 for 3 dogs ($180 savings)

Prepaid packages expire one year from date of purchase and must be used within this time.


Prices are based on the breed, size of the dog, length and condition of the hair and amount of time required.

Baths are only for boarding or daycare customers.