Dallas – Central

Barking Hound Village is the ultimate Texas luxury dog kennel offering dog daycare and boarding. We have bright, hip, in-town spaces in Dallas with mod furnishings and canine pop art. Our community of dogs comprises most breeds, sizes and ages and we provide specially trained dog-lovers to care for them. Staff is Pet CPR and first-aid certified.

BHV Dallas-Central offers 3000sf of outdoor play areas with K9 grass, bone-shaped dog pools and 2 spacious air conditioned, indoor playrooms.

Accommodation options for the pampered pooch are the 10×15 private Penthouse Suite equipped with a mod twin bed, rug, cushions and their very own smart TV or the choice of two 8×10 private VIP Suites in quiet settings with children’s IKEA beds, rugs, cushions and their own smart TVs. Private luxury suites are also available for all pups with Kuranda cots in 5×8 spaces.