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Dallas Dogs Continue To Face Crisis

Dallas Dogs Continue To Face Crisis

In Dallas and across Texas, there is a crisis amongst the community that you may not be aware of. Animal shelters are at maximum capacity; leaving no room left for medium to large dogs in specific. There is an abyss of reasons for this heartbreaking crisis, but we want to focus on how we can all aid shelters amongst the chaos. Awareness is key, unless you have a dog obsessed neighbor or friend (us!) blabbing to you about the world of dog news, it’s hard to know what’s been going on.

How bad is it?

With everyone going back to work, adoption numbers have slowed tremendously across adoption groups and shelters. In addition, stray dogs and animal surrenders are at an all-time high in Texas causing a sorrowful combination of too many dogs, and not enough homes.

Dallas Animal Services is an open admission shelter, meaning they can’t place a cap on intakes. This may sound like great news, but once there is a capacity met, tough decisions involving perfectly healthy dogs are unfortunately made. In other areas of Dallas and neighboring cities, strays and surrenders are being turned away; leaving an unknown future for most.

What can be done?


Many Dallas locals and organizations participate in fostering these homeless pups. Fostering involves providing a warm and safe home for a dog awaiting adoption. This buys them precious extra time and creates an open spot at the shelter for new intakes. Being raised in a healthy home environment also gives the dog an opportunity to socialize properly, increasing the likelihood of them finding a future forever home. If you are curious about fostering a dog in your home, some organizations will provide food and vet expenses during your journey. This foster journey can range in length from days to weeks, any time you can provide is life changing.


Local shelters and adoption groups sometimes heavily rely on community help, and there are many opportunities available! Whether it’s working an adoption event, aiding in enriching the in-house dogs, or even helping on the clerical side of things; you can help save lives. Visit your local adoption center’s website for more volunteer information.


A larger capacity of dogs, results in more resources being used in order to care for them and ensure they’re able to find a future home. A donation of any size is a swift way to provide assistance to an adoption group. BHV takes part in donating to local adoption efforts, raising over $350,000 towards DFW Rescue Me and various Dallas groups over the last 12 years by donating and participating in fundraising events such as Kibble & Cocktails*. Donations don’t have to be monetary either! Toys, beds, and food are commonly needed resources, reach out to your local group for their specific needs.


The ultimate goal is to find a forever home for all homeless dogs. Welcoming a dog that needs a home into yours is mutually fulfilling; many great personalities are hidden behind sheltered pups. Take it from the owners, management, and employees of BHV. Many of us have welcomed a rescue pup into our homes and they have altered our lives for the better; our precious pups are featured in a lot of art found at or on BHV! If you are looking for a certain breed, there are many breed-specific rescue groups just a Google or Facebook search away.

BHV recognizes the strides Dallas shelters and rescue groups are making to get these dogs in homes. We hope some may now consider welcoming a shelter pup into their lives!

Adoption groups BHV recommends supporting:

DFW Rescue Me:
*Kibble & Cocktail Event coming soon


The Street Dog Project 

Doodle Rock Rescue

Dallas Pets Alive

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